Our Story
Our vision is to offer a complete service which is simple and easy to navigate for those wishing to buy or consign pre-loved / second hand designer handbags. We understand the struggles of both sides.  The seller who is busy, successful and simply not having enough time to declutter, streamline, market and manage the sale of their goods. The buyer who wishes to buy their first piece or update their pieces but want to do this at an affordable price with confidence in authenticity.
We endeavour to build a worldwide presence of trust and authenticity and handle everything from marketing, authentication, insurance, logistics to packaging and buyer experience.  Creating a carefree journey for all our customers.
PURSEFWD only sources new or near new condition designer items.  We offer a competitive commission rate with no hidden costs.  We want to engage with our community of luxury lovers and are socially inclusive, welcoming people from all walks of life. We value a mutual relationship with trust and privacy because behind PURSEFWD, are real people - Rachel and Lily who met at makeup school 6 years ago.
Rachel is a busy lawyer and entrepreneur, with a passion to create and help others.  She loves beauty, art, fashion and travels around the world for food.  Her first luxury designer handbag was a large Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas shoulder tote which she bought in an LV boutique in Thailand during university.  She carried it everyday throughout university thereafter and even today she uses it often for weekend getaways.  Her favourite piece in her collection is the classic Chanel 2:55 which is both a sentimental and versatile piece that she believes everyone woman should have in her collection.
Lily is a mummy of two beautiful little girls and have been a luxury lover for as long as she can remember. For many years she was never able to afford luxury handbags and had always dreamed of having a wardrobe full of handbags.
As she got older and started working, she was finally able to afford her first designer handbag from Louis Vuitton. She’ll never forget how much it meant to her and how much she enjoyed the bag. The bag was a start to something that eventuated into what has always been a dream of hers – to help people buy their dream bags. Thus, PURSEFWD was born.
We hope you enjoy the experience and community here at PURSEFWD.
Drop us a line and let’s be friends!
Rachel & Lily